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Born from a rural village of Shake in 1971, Apostle Kimberly Dube only came to town/urban life in 1991 after completing his secondary education. He worked for the Bulawayo City Council (B.C.C) up to 1996 when he then resigned into full time ministry. This same year saw the passing away of his father, leaving him as the bread winner of the family of 11.

Life was never easy on the man. He lived a life of empty stomach, loneliness and he continued seeking the Lord in the mountain areas and bushes due to the heavy burden of the work. It came to pass in one city, sensing his spirit about to leave because of consistent hunger, he had to survive on picked up maputi, nuts from a nearby industrial area and he would then drink water and feel some temporal relief.

By God's grace he moved from footing to cycling and is now driving. To God be the glory! Evangelist CURTIS MINTER of Geogia U.S.A. bought him a bicycle after seeking the heart for the work in him. God touched a lovely man also in Tennesse, DONALD BRANDON, who came in and bought a complete P.A. System which is used greatly in crusades and worship services. It’s amazing that now he works from office. He used to carry a briefcase around as an office, it is indeed amazing!

He is currently in effort to write a book which will definitely empower, bless and equip the saints of God. The book aims to strengthen other pastors and all saints as it flows from wisdom collected on the way so far.

A sound and renowned Apostle, with true heart for the nations and the empowerment of the people of God. A fatherly heart that sees all people living in unity and fellowship. A pioneer in several outstanding area of Christian life including;

ABLE MINISTERS SEMINAR-this is where leaders in all spheres of Christian leadership, from all churches. Regardless of beliefs, are invited together for a four day school of leadership, every August of each year. Because of this he has raised man sons and daughters to great abilities and skills of leaders both in his church and other churches/ministries.

INTERDENOMINATIONAL INTERCESSORS- Born in his heart as he sees the need for having strong prayers and people praying for leadership always, all churches are called together twice a year for teaching or prayer and intercession, encouraged to have prayer groups.

INTERNATIONAL EVANGELISTIC NETWORK ( I.N.T.E.N)- Born to assist networking of gospel preachers all over the world, to work together making use of each other? strength in complementation. An all churches one month gospel campaign is done in a given nation, city or province to assist in bringing in the harvest. It goes together with seminar for Pastors only, to equip and refresh them in the field. This is once a year.

Apostle K. Dube holds a diploma in Theology from Revealed Word Bible School (1994); Advanced Diploma in Leadership from Afmin (2004); Many certificates in leadership courses including a certificate from World Dynamics Ministries School of Ministry, Prophetic School of Ministry etc. Besides being busy with his ministry, Apostle K. Dube accepts invitation to preach in all churches. His ministry is characterised with strong empowering prophetic words, balance of reason, always present fuel of the Holy Ghost and an effortless eloquence in public address. Through with such favours from God, he remains reachable, down to earth. You will feel welcome in his presence.

To contact Apostle directly, email: or cell # +263-772 788 223